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Shred Connect’s A+ Paper Shredding Services

Shred Connect paper shredding services may only be a few years old, but already we’ve grown to become one of Corona’s most reliable, consistent shredding companies.

Since 2008, we’ve expanded from a small building in Irvine to include nearly all of Orange County…and we’re growing little by little, every day.

Our success would not be possible without our most important ingredient—you.

Any solid company utilizes a well-crafted business model that incorporates far-sighted goals and the contributions of its clients. Shred Connect’s growing reputation as the go-to paper shredding services has been made possible because of your input.

And we’ve listened.

Our Paper Shredding Service is Individualized

At Shred Connect, we take the time to listen to your specific needs. Our paper shredding services can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. We pride ourselves on being as amenable to what you want and expect of a shredding company that specializes in secure document destruction.

We like and appreciate the fact that you’ve responded well to our on-call paper shredding services, as exemplified by our mobile document shredder. It’s a real privilege to be able to respond to your needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Whether we’re providing you one of our twelve drop-off locations for small jobs or performing large tasks involving a considerate amount of time and labor, Shred Connect remains diligent in its relentless pursuit of being the most reputable paper shredding services and secure document destruction company of its kind anywhere in Orange County.

A Shredding Company that Offers More Than Paper Shredding Services

Most paper shredding services provide adequate service to their customers, but hardly make the added effort of following up to ensure that the client is 100% satisfied with every aspect of the transaction.
Shred Connect does that and more.

Our competition provides a certificate of destruction to their customers. We do too. But we do so only after you are absolutely, completely satisfied with everything about your experience with us. That way, we know that we’ve truly earned your loyalty and your commitment to our business.

And that means a lot to us.

If all of this seems a bit obsessive, it’s because we care about filling that all-important niche that represents the satisfied customer. We’ve built our business upon striving for that standard and honing our skills to heightened professionalism. We’ve become leaner—although not necessarily meaner.

We value and encourage fair and level competition with our industry’s rivals. Unlike some businesses that secretly wish to see the opposition fall apart and wither away, Shred Connect knows that increased competition will force needed change in all areas of improvement—thus making us even more potent and cutting-edge.

We welcome these challenges and are inspired to set ever-higher goals that are attainable but never easy to do. We strive for an ideal but always revise and review our plans in order to accommodate reality. Doing so allows us to readjust our shredding objectives that can fall by the wayside very easily. It takes due diligence and dedication in order to aim high and achieve a lasting measure of success.

We are always seeking suggestions for improvement. Feel free to contact us regarding any of your document shredding issues by using the email address or the phone number on our website.

Call our paper shredding services today to find a drop off location near you or schedule an appointment for pickup.


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